The Jewish Mother’s dream!

So, you’re a mother of young children.

Here’s a problem that you’ll relate to:

It’s 2018. The baby food market is saturated with options. You can walk into any shop and find something without too much struggle. But one cannot afford to scrimp on food when it comes to feeding young children. This is a crucial time for their development, both physically and cognitively, and their diets aren’t something to be lax with. If you’re a parent with common sense, you’ll want a cereal that lacks anything artificial. But if you’re reading the Jewish Tribune, there’s one more sticky point: the kashrus.

A wholesome, tasty baby cereal with a good standard of kashrus. Sounds like the dream of every Jewish mother!

Now, in 2018, it seems to be a reality.

Kendamil isn’t new to the food market. For 55 years, The Kendamil factory has been manufacturing baby food products for household-name brands like GSK, Boots and Heinz, before becoming Its own brand in 2015. From it’s premises in the beautiful settings of Cumbria, the company has given the world top quality baby food and even food for adults. Some of the professionals on the team have been in their field for 25 years or more. Drawing on all that experience, Kendamil has introduced its delicious range of organic baby cereals to the public. Relying on fruits and natural preservatives, Kendamil’s baby cereals steer clear of anything remotely artificial. No pesticides or dangerous chemical that cause cancer and other illnesses. No issues of high arsenic levels that create all kinds of health problems. Only pure basic natural goodness that comes fruits and natural preservatives. the high levels of protein build up children’s muscle mass and keep respiratory problems away. And to help children’s developing brains and nervous systems, there’s a good level of fats in Kendamil cereals. To ensure good digestion, the various wholemeal grains provide a high level of fibre. If fibre’s an issue, there’s a gluten free range as well.

Of course, the children’s sweet taste buds haven’t been ignored either. The right amount of natural sweetness of Kendamil’s cereals make the breakfast experience something your toddler will enjoy, which will make you life as a parent that bit easier.

Not that serving it is particularly hard either. Just pour it into a bowl add some Kendamil toddler’s milk.

If you want to be sure about Kendamil’s claims, just ask the Soil Association, the leading organic food accreditation body in the UK. They have ensured that every ingredient is monitored closely from day one of planting, so you can be sure that nothing artificial slipped under their sharp eyes.

And talking about ‘sharp eyes’, here’s the best bit. Working in partnership with Global Kosher and the Global Group of Companies, Kendamil Mehadrin has introduced a line of Kosher infant cereals, with the Kedassia hechsher. Complete with their cholov Yisroel milk line, you’ve got the perfect cereal to keep your child happy and growing, both physically and spiritually. And yes, they are kosher for Passover too, so you can reap it’s benefits all year round.

Who ever said a mother’s dreams don’t come true?!

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