Mimi’s Sweets (known as Fini/Mimi’s)


Mimi’s Sweets (known as Fini/Mimi’s), the exclusive importer of gourmet Kosher sweets in North America, brings you the ultimate treats from one of the leading confectionery manufacturers in Europe. Creative, innovative, and above all, delicious, the sweet and sour gummies, jellybeans, crunchy marshmallow and filled liquorice are unlike anything else currently on the market, unmatched in variety and quality. Taste the difference and let Mimi’s Sweets open a new sweet and flavourful window into the delicious world of the finest European Kosher sweets!
Founded in 2013 by Mr Benny Imani and based in the USA, the company imports from Europe and distributes throughout the Jewish World. Mimi’s distribute in the United Kingdom, France, Spain, Portugal, Chile, USA, South America, Canada, South Africa, India and Australia plus many more. The brand is known throughout the world as Fini’s.
In 2015 Mimi’s Sweets and Global Kosher joined forces as they became the sole distributor for Mimi’s Sweets. We originally started with retail and now have a large variety and huge range of Pick N Mix. Mimi’s Sweets is the exclusive manufacturer and distributor of Fini products which is one of the leading confectionary companies in the world that produces the highest quality of sweets, including:
• Gummies
• Liquorice
• Bulk Gum
• Sour Belts
• Gum

All leading independent Kosher stores stock a very large range of Mimi’s sweets. Beautiful packaging with clear labelling is a bonus.

The companies have now developed and are launching the first Kosher sugar free chewing gum which does not include Aspartame a formal sweetener which is used widely in the industry. Aspartame free chewing gum is much healthier than the usual sugar-free gum in the market currently. This chewing gum was first launched in the USA and has now reached our shores. Global Kosher is the sole distributor in the EU/United Kingdom and will distribute the gum via their usual networks. The gum will be available in the following flavours:

• Strawberry
• Watermelon
• Spearmint
• Peppermint

and carries the supervision of ,

Once again, the Global Group of companies are leading the market in new trends and distribution of a healthier food type for all ages. They continue to work with food manufacturers across the globe to develop and distribute healthier food types.

The only way we can continue to strive to better our products and services to you is with your feedback. Please feel free to contact us on feedbac[email protected]. Your comments would be highly appreciated.

Enjoy the free chewing gum package enclosed with this week’s issue.

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