There’s nothing that can compare to breast feeding. the high content of saturated fat- 51%- can give your baby the energy to grow and boosts brain development. But for some mothers, breast feeding isn’t an option. that’s why There’s no shortage of baby formulas on the market. If you simply need an alternative to breast feeding, you’ll find plenty of options on the UK shelves.

But if you’re looking for formula that comes close to providing the nutrients in breast feeding, you won’t have much luck. You certainly won’t find British Formula brands with half a decade’s worth of experience.

Unless you pick up a Kendamil product.

Kendamil is a proud member of the Kendal Nutricare family, which is based in Cumbria, home to the UK’s second largest milk pool. In the UNESCO protected Lake District, cows graze from the finest grass and produce the best quality milk as a result. With the help of Red Tractor, the UK’s largest food standards scheme, Kendal has been able to source milk from local farms that put food safety and quality above all else, and thanks to their Red Tractor approval, we are able to trace the milk and monitor everything that goes on in the farms. So the company are reassured that the cows are well fed and that the milk is produced, stored and processed without having its quality compromised. Keeping its operations in the UK, Kendamil has the advantage of being regulated by the most rigorous food standard authorities in the world. Defra, the Department of Health, the ministry of Agriculture and DSE are just some of the bodies that supervise their factory and farms. with supervision from the London Beth Din, the highest standards of Kashrus are enforced as well.

Kendamil believes that any baby formula should replicate the benefits of breast feeding as much as possible. That why they use full fat milk in their baby products, breaking with the general skimmed milk trend their competitors follow. That means, Kendamil’s products are rich in the calcium that make infant’s bones strong, and enough carbohydrates to provide energy for their day. Using a process called wet blending, Kendamil combines the milk with the appropriate nutrients at the right levels. On top of that, there’s plenty of Omega 3 to help the healthy bacteria in the infant’s gut to grow. To ensure that your baby takes in that calcium easily, Kendamil has bucked another trend- they don’t use Palm Oil, which has been proven to block calcium and create constipation.

As you can imagine, this isn’t a new endeavour run by some inexperienced young first time entrepreneurs. The Kendal factory has been servicing the the baby food industry for over 55 years, working with household-name brands like GSK, Boots and Heinz, before becoming Kendal Nutricare in 2015. Some of the current team of engineers, technicians, laboratory microbiologists and research scientists have been working in their field for 25 years.

The winning formula of experience and quality have led the brand to create products for the entire infant period from birth to 36 months. There’s something there for your baby, whatever the age. If you’re an environmentally counscious person (like the people at Kendamil), you can choose from the brand’s organic versions.

In short, there are plenty of baby formulas. But if you want a breast feeding alternative made with the best of British in both manpower and quality, there’s only one answer: Kendamil.

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There’s nothing that can compare to breast feeding. the high content of saturated fat- 51%- can give your

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