Who We Are

Global Group is a UK-based company providing comprehensive solutions for the Kosher, Halal, Judaica, and general food and consumables industry in the UK, Europe, and beyond. We have years of experience and have enjoyed longstanding partnerships with suppliers, manufacturers, and major transport hubs all over the world. Our in-house freight forwarding solutions, together with our private-label production and distribution provision ensures seamless handling of all of your goods.

Whatever your production, marketing, and distribution needs; be it shipping of ambient or temperature-controlled goods by air, land, and sea to marketing and end-point distribution, rest assured we’ll deliver excellence every time.

Whatever your marketing and distribution needs,
rest assured we’ll deliver excellence every time,

What We Do

Our subsidiaries, Global Kosher, Global Freight and Global Foods are perfectly synchronised to handle all of the logistics necessary to bring quality products to market, from start to finish. We’ll streamline everything to ensure your goods are deposited where they need to be, in top shape and on time. This means less headache and more value for you and your-end point clients – and ultimately greater profit margins.

Why We Do It

Global Group is concerned with more than just forging a connection between two points on the map or between products and consumers. We are about connecting people – the right people – to ensure seamless operations. We’re experts at making the right connections. We believe in the products we bring to the market and we believe in the people who stand behind them. Our expertise in product sourcing, production, freight-forwarding and distribution has given us a reputation of excellence which we’re committed to maintaining. You supply the product; we’ll bring it to the world.

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